Looking for a freelance graphic designer?

I help companies build a unique and impactful brand image by getting their message out to the right audiences and by maximizing their exposure through strategic branding.

You are...

  • A company or a startup willing to develop a very unique brand identity
  • An entrepreneur ready to invest in a full branding solution
  • A business looking for a freelance graphic designer for punctual reinforcement or for a one-off project

You are looking for...

  • A full branding solution that will reflect your project's personality
  • Advice, guidance and/or efficient help to develop your brand identity and all the visual aspects of your business
  • A personalized and friendly professional service and support


Hello !

I have been a professional graphic designer since 2015 and have been fortunate enough to work on a lot of projects both in print and web. I do believe that every single project deserves a great design, no matter the size or budget.

I love the challenge of conveying a message that is clear, yet visually engaging to the viewer, while respecting both the budget and the required deadlines.

I begin each project with an analytical approach, carefully listening to my client’s specific needs. I submit several options and work closely with the client to create the best final product possible.

I am enthusiastic and friendly and have never worked with someone I couldn’t get along with. I work equally well in groups or by myself, and have strong organizational skills.

Feel free to CONTACT ME if there is anything I can do for you. Thanks for stopping by!


Travel to Laos & Cambodia
Have my own business
Live in Spain
Run a marathon
Speak at a TEDx
Generate sources of passive income
Become a certified business coach
Adopt a pet
Develop my lettering skills
Take part in a humanitarian project
Learn to speak in front of a camera
Write a book


creative yet strategic 

modern and effective

simple yet compelling

intentional and purposeful



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